What's new in AirBuddy 3 Beta 3

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Improvements for AirPods Pro (2nd generation)

New for macOS Ventura

Desktop Widget Improvements

Known issues:

Notification Center Widget Improvements

Note: Due to limitations with how Apple has implemented WidgetKit on macOS, after updating to AirBuddy 2.6, you'll need to reconfigure your AirBuddy widgets in Notification Center. AirBuddy widgets will show up in Notification Center under the name "AirBuddyHelper". If you don't see its widgets listed in the "Edit Widgets" screen, try clicking "Clear Widget Cache" in AirBuddy Settings under "Advanced".

Previous Beta Releases:


What's new in AirBuddy 3 Beta 2

General Improvements

Desktop Widget Improvements

General Bug Fixes


Welcome to the AirBuddy 3 beta!

This fall's update will bring many new features and improvements to AirBuddy, including some features exclusive to macOS Ventura.

What Happened to AirBuddy 2.6?

If I wanted to be able to release a new version of AirBuddy that's ready for macOS Ventura when it gets released later this year, I wouldn't be able to release version 2.6 with the level of polish that it needs before then, so I decided to move all features currently in development for version 2.6 into the AirBuddy 3 update instead. I also believe that it's better for it to be a major version update, given that it raises the minimum OS version required by the app.

Will AirBuddy 3 be a Paid Upgrade?

I don't know yet, but even if it ends up being a paid upgrade, anyone who purchased AirBuddy 2 within the past 12 months will get the upgrade for free, as promised.

What's new in AirBuddy 3 beta 1

Bug Fixes and Improvements for macOS Ventura

New Features

Other Changes

Known issues:


What's new in AirBuddy 2.6 beta 9

Bug fixes:

Known issues:


What's new in AirBuddy 2.6 beta 8

Desktop Widgets

NOTE: Widgets created with beta 7 may disappear after updating to beta 8. Use the button in settings » Widgets to add widgets.

New Features

Bug Fixes

Improvements to Battery Alerts and other notifications

Known issues:


What's new in AirBuddy 2.6 beta 7

New Features and Improvements

Desktop Widgets!

This beta build introduces the new Desktop Widgets feature, so you can have widgets from AirBuddy right on your Mac's Desktop (requires macOS Monterey).

AirBuddy widgets stick to your desktop, right on top of the wallpaper. You can choose from three sizes of widgets and have different sets of widgets on each display.

Development for this feature is very much ongoing, so your feedback and ideas are really appreciated.
Have an idea for a type of widget that would be handy to have on your desktop? Send it in! You can reach out from AirBuddy preferences » Help » Send Feedback.

Usage tips:

Known issues:

If AirBuddy doesn't create a widget on your desktop after launching this update for the first time, you can run the following command in Terminal to work around the issue:

defaults delete ~/Library/Group\ Containers/8C7439RJLG.group.codes.rambo.AirBuddy/Library/Preferences/8C7439RJLG.group.codes.rambo.AirBuddy.plist desktopWidgetsFirstLaunchExperience2 && killall -HUP AirBuddyHelper


Bug Fixes:

Known Issues:


What's new in AirBuddy 2.6 beta 6

New Features and Improvements

Bug Fixes

Known Issues


What's new in AirBuddy 2.6 beta 5

NOTE: the previous beta was accidentally shipped as a release build, so it was missing beta traits such as the special app icon and quick access to feedback, this has been addressed in this build.



What's new in AirBuddy 2.6 beta 4

New Features


Bug Fixes


What's new in AirBuddy 2.6 beta 3

(Build 581 is a revision of AirBuddy 2.6 beta 3 that fixes a frequent crash in the background)

Testing Note

This build includes a significant change to how the AirBuddy helper process is registered with macOS. The app now uses the ServiceManagement framework and it no longer installs a launch agent when enabled. Please send feedback if you notice any installation issues or any bugs related to the communication of other processes (such as Shortcuts and widgets) with AirBuddy. You may be prompted to enter your password after updating to this build if you've previously been asked for a password when installing AirBuddy initially.


Bug Fixes


What's new in AirBuddy 2.6 beta 2

New Features


Bug Fixes


What's new in AirBuddy 2.6 beta 1

This build is equivalent to the 2.5.1 release that went out to non-beta users. New beta features coming soon.


What's new in AirBuddy 2.5.1 beta 4



What's new in AirBuddy 2.5.1 beta 3

Bug Fixes


What's new in AirBuddy 2.5.1 beta 2

Bug Fixes


What's new in AirBuddy 2.5.1 beta 1

Bug Fixes